By car

From The Netherlands and Mid- and South Germany

Cross the border at Kempten/Lindau in South-Germany. There you take the A14 towards Bregenz/Lustenau in Austria, where you leave the highway at Mäder to continue on the A13 at on the other side of the Rhein in Switzerland in the direction of Chur/Sagans. Pass Chur. At the junction Reichenau you will leave the highway to Ilanz. Just before Ilanz take the exit to Laax/Flims. At the village Ilanz turn to your left, across the railway-line and straight through towards Vals. Continue on this road for over 20 km until the end of the valley. When arriving in Vals and passing the spring water factory Valserwasser and the Thermenhotel, you can park your car across café Garni Schnyder at one of the two reserved parking sites. The somewhat higher shed offers access to the house.
You can also take the A3 when coming via Basel & Zürich in the direction of Chur. From Chur you have to follow the above mentioned route.

Attention! The route from the southwest over the Furkapass and Oberalppass is closed during the winter!


  • During snowfall we recommend spending the night at Chur when arriving at night before going into the valley. Without four-wheel drive WITH snow tires or chains, the small mountain road up is extremely dangerous.
  • Cars without four-wheel drive and with a trailer are not allowed on this last road during the winter.
  • Attention: at night and in the early morning many deer are on the road, especially during the winter.
  • Do NOT try to reach the shed during the winter without four wheel drive and winter tires, but park by the road.
  • The village is at almost 1300 meter above sea level; ALWAYS make sure you have snow chains with you. The roads in the village, and back into the valley, can be extremely slippery and icy.
  • Make sure you have adequate anti freeze. The temperature can drop to -30 °C at night with clear weather.

By train

From The Netherlands
There is a City-Night-Line from Amsterdam to Basel in which you can sleep comfortably. In the morning you transfer to the train to Zürich > Chur. In Chur you can transfer to the 'Rätische Bahn' until Ilanz. For the last 20 kilometers you can take the 'Postbus' to Vals. The bus stops 200 meters before the house.

By plane

From the Netherlands or
The closest airport is in Zürich. There you can take the train to Chur or rent a car. For further information on your route see 'by car' or 'by train'.

For travelling from other countries: see Google Maps